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If you’re sick of boxelder bugs in and around your house, call A-Landlords Pest Management. We have decades of experience providing the most cost-effective boxelder bug extermination services in the Milwaukee area. Our team uses the most effective removal techniques to deliver unbeatable results for clients.

Don’t make your boxelder problem worse by attempting to fix it yourself. Call A-Landlords for affordable extermination services.

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Why Box Elder Bug Extermination is ImportantBoxelder bug exterminator Milwaukee

Boxelder bugs are named after their summer home, the Box Elder tree. If you have these trees around your home or business, be on the lookout for boxelder bugs year-round. In the winter, boxelder bugs will follow the warmth indoors through cracks and crevices in your building.

Boxelder bug feces leaves stains on your carpet, walls, and other fabrics, so it's important to get them exterminated quickly. If they are not addressed, boxelder infestations can be a recurring issue - especially if you have nearby Box Elder trees.

Signs You May Have a Boxelder Bug Infestation

  1. Large presence of boxelder bugs
  2. Reddish-orange stains on walls, curtains, or furniture
  3. Visible damage to close by plants
  4. Foul odor in places boxelder bugs are found

Our Boxelder Bug Control Process

Boxelders are one of the most common pests we face, so we know how to properly get rid of them. We thoroughly inspect all of our client’s homes and/or businesses to determine the source of the infestation and select the most effective extermination solution. We’ll lay out and execute the recommended action plan to eliminate the boxelder bugs from your home.

Why Choose A-Landlords for Boxelder Bug Removal?

  • Affordable pricing with clear action plans
  • Services performed to the highest standards of safety and quality
  • Trained and experienced staff in the removal of all common pests

Providing Boxelder Bug Removal Across Southeastern Wisconsin

A-Landlords Pest Management provides pest control services including boxelder bug extermination for homeowners across Southeastern Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Burlington, Caledonia, Franklin, Mount Pleasant, Oak Creek, Racine, Sturtevant, Union Grove, Wind Point, Yorkville, and beyond.

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