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Premier Pest Control in Racine WI

A-Landlords Pest Management offers complete and affordable pest control services to homes and businesses in the Racine area. We can treat any and all sorts of infestations—with bed bug eradication being a specialty—because we have over 35 years of experience. We eliminate rats, bees, cockroaches, and other pests. 

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What Sets A-Landlords Apart

A-Landlords' service eliminates the need for you to take on harmful insect elimination on your own. We concentrate on full and competitively cost pest control services, and we use sustainable methods wherever possible. We are here to address any questions you may have about the processes used to eradicate the specific pests you are dealing with. 

Common Pests We Treat

Rodent Control in Racine: Eliminating Rats and Mice

Rodent control in Racine is effectively managed by A-Landlords Pest Management, a trusted pest control company dedicated to eradicating rat and mice infestations. With a deep understanding of the challenges posed by resilient pests, A-Landlords employs a comprehensive approach to ensure the elimination of rodents from homes and businesses. Our experienced technicians conduct meticulous assessments to pinpoint entry points and nesting sites, devising tailored strategies to target the specific rodent species involved. A-Landlords eliminates existing infestations and implements preventive measures to avoid future reoccurrences. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and community well-being makes us a dependable partner in maintaining a rodent-free environment for residents and establishments in Racine.

Squirrel Removal Services

We understand the nuisance that squirrels can pose to both residential and commercial properties. Our expert team specializes in humane and effective squirrel removal services. Whether these agile creatures have found their way into your attic, causing potential damage, or are frequenting your outdoor spaces, we have the expertise to address the situation promptly. Employing safe and ethical methods, we'll carefully assess the infestation, create a customized removal plan, and implement it efficiently. Trust Union Grove Pest Control Service to safeguard your property from the disruptions caused by unwanted squirrel visitors.


Racine Ant Extermination 

Our Racine ant control is a vital service to combat the damages caused by ant infestations. These tiny pests might seem harmless, but ants damage structures, contaminate food and disrupt daily life. Carpenter ants compromise the structural integrity of buildings by excavating wood for nesting, while pavement ants and field ants infiltrate homes, causing hygiene concerns and discomfort. A-Landlords Pest Management specializes in the comprehensive elimination of troublesome ants. With a tailored approach combining effective baits, targeted treatments and environmentally responsible methods, A-Landlords Pest Management ensures the complete removal of ant species. By choosing our services, residents and businesses in Racine will enjoy peace of mind knowing their ant infestations are being effectively addressed by experts in extermination.

Flexible Scheduling: Nighttime and Weekend Appointments Available

We provide overnight and weekend meetings in Racine at no additional cost for those who need to be at work during the day. We keep Racine residences and businesses pest-free, whether it's eliminating unwanted insects or treating a bedbug epidemic in a whole apartment building.

Quality Meets Affordability: Residential Pest Control at Its Best

With our local pest control services, you can receive the ideal home protection option. We understand how vital it is for you and your family to live in a pest-free environment. To eliminate bugs, our professionals use recognized techniques and eco-friendly solutions, guaranteeing that your home remains a secure and pleasant shelter.

Customized Commercial Pest Control Solutions

A-Landlords offers extensive commercial pest control services. On a regular schedule, we handle pest infestations for Racine businesses, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for your employees and customers. The A Landlords Pest Management team uses modern equipment and specific treatment tactics to successfully eradicate pests and prevent future outbreaks, allowing your business to thrive without the inconvenience of unwanted visitors.

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Directions to Racine From The A-Landlords Home Base

  1. Head south on N Sherman Blvd toward W Concordia Ave
  2. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto W Concordia Ave
  3. Turn right onto W Fond Du Lac Ave
  4. Use the right lane to merge onto I-43 S via the ramp to I-94/I794
  5. Merge onto I-43 S
  6. Use the left 2 lanes to keep left at the fork, continue on I-94 E and follow signs for I-41 S/Chicago
  7. Keep left to stay on I-94 E
  8. Take exit 329 toward County Rd K
  9. Use the left lane to continue toward County Rd K
  10. Turn left onto County Rd K
  11. Keep right to continue toward WI-38 S/WI-38 Trunk S/Northwestern Ave
  12. Continue straight onto WI-38 S/WI-38 Trunk S/Northwestern Ave
  13. Slight right onto Northwestern Ave/Rapids Ct Ave
  14. At the traffic circle, continue straight onto State St
  15. At the traffic circle, continue straight to stay on State St
  16. Continue straight to stay on State St
  17. Turn right onto Main St