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A-Landlords specializes in pest control services to maintain the quality of your Milwaukee home or business. Since 1986, we have been eliminating pest problems of all sizes. Our dedication to excellence has earned us the reputation as the best pest control service in the area.

Effective pest management is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. A-Landlords technicians work diligently to ensure your home remains pest-free using proven industry methods. Contact us to reclaim your home from pests.

Residential Pest Control Services

With over 20 years of experience, our dedication to excellence has established us as the top pest control service in the Milwaukee area. Effective pest management is a continuous effort. Our experts use proven methods to provide high-quality, cost-efficient services, ensuring a pest-free home for our customers.

Our Offered Services

Cockroach Removal

Rodent Removal

Milwaukee Bed Bug Extermination Milwaukee Rodent Extermination

Cockroaches typically hide in dark, moist places like behind refrigerators, stoves, or sinks. They are nocturnal and move around at night. Cockroaches multiply quickly and can cause significant problems within weeks.

Rodents, such as voles, are burrowers that can cause foundation problems if not addressed promptly. They can cause extensive damage, leading to costly repairs.

Bee & Wasp Removal

Ant Removal

Milwaukee Cockroach Extermination Milwaukee Ant Extermination

Our wasp exterminators can eliminate wasp nests, no matter how difficult they are to access. Wasps nesting in your roof can be a significant issue.

Ants traveling in large groups can be a nuisance. If you see a few ants, more are likely hiding in protected areas.

Spider Removal

Box Elder Bug Removal

Milwaukee Bed Bug Extermination Milwaukee Rodent Extermination

Spiders can invoke widespread fear, though many species are harmless. In Wisconsin, some hazardous species exist, so caution is necessary.

If box elder bugs are a nuisance in and around your house, call A-Landlords Pest Management. Our team uses the most effective techniques to ensure unbeatable results.


Effective Pest Control for Southeastern Wisconsin

If you spot any infestation of bugs or rodents, call a professional Milwaukee exterminator immediately. It is crucial to act quickly for complete eradication. We use a combination of products and manual removal to eliminate bed bugs from your home. If you've been bitten, we offer home remedies to ease discomfort while we address the problem.

Experience reliable pest control services across southeastern Wisconsin, including Burlington, Caledonia, Franklin, Mount Pleasant, Oak Creek, Racine, Sturtevant, Union Grove, Wind Point, and Yorkville in the greater Milwaukee area.

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