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A-Landlords Pest Management provides extensive and reasonably priced pest control services to Greendale residences and companies. Considering our company boasts over 35 years of expertise, we are capable of treating any and all types of infestations, with bed bug eradication being our specialization. We get rid of rats, bees, cockroaches, and numerous other pests.

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Why Choose A-Landlords?

The solutions provided by A-Landlords mean you don't have to deal with dangerous insect eradication on your own. We focus on comprehensive and affordably priced pest control services, and we employ environmentally friendly techniques wherever feasible. We are ready to answer whatever inquiries you may have concerning the methods utilized to eliminate the pests you are dealing with. 

Common Pests We Treat

Schedule with Ease - Nighttime and Weekend Appointments

We provide nighttime and weekend services in Greendale for individuals who have to stay at work during the day. We keep Greendale homes and commercial spaces pest-free, whether it's by removing unwelcomed pests or treating a bedbug infestation in an entire apartment complex.

Budget-Friendly Pest Control Solutions: Making Your Home Pest-Free

You can get the best home protection with residential pest control services from A-Landlords. We realize how important pest-free living is for you and the members of your household. Our technicians utilize known methods and eco-friendly solutions to exterminate pests, ensuring that your house stays a safe and enjoyable space.

Optimal Commercial Pest Control Services

A-Landlords provides a wide range of commercial pest control services. We address pest infestations for Greendale businesses on an ongoing basis, guaranteeing a clean and sanitary atmosphere for your staff and consumers. The A Landlords Pest Management team makes use of cutting-edge technology and targeted treatment strategies to successfully eliminate pests and prevent future outbreaks, enabling your company to prosper without the disruption of unwelcome guests.

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Phone: 414-449-8525

Fax: 414-449-0175

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Night and weekend appointments are available at no extra charge

Accepted Payment: Cash and personal checks

Directions to Greendale From The A-Landlords Home Base

  1. Head south on N Sherman Blvd toward W Concordia Ave
  2. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto W Concordia Ave
  3. Turn right onto W Fond Du Lac ave
  4. Use the right lane to merge onto I-43 S via the ramp to I-94/I-794
  5. Merge onto I-43 S
  6. Keep right at the fork to stay on I-43 S, follow signs for interstate 43/Beloit/I-894 W
  7. Take exit 8 A to merge onto WI-36/W Loomis Rd
  8. Merge onto WI-36  S/W Loomis Rd
  9. Turn right onto W Grange Ave
  10. Turn left onto Northway
  11. Turn left onto Broad St
  12. Turn left onto Schoolway